Rising Star – Jennifer

By February 1, 2019 February 3rd, 2019 HTF Rising Stars

Jennifer Z. – Rising Star

May 2017

What has been the hardest part of your journey thus far?

The hardest part of my journey so far has to be staying consistent and being self-disciplined.
Noodles are my comfort food. In order for me not to go to noodles for my comfort food, I had to find a healthy alternative, such as home-made butternut squash sauce, baked sweet potato, or bean noodle from Costco. After going for a healthy alternative for a while, I found out I don’t even crave noodles anymore.

What was your break through moment?  Share any advice to someone struggling to change habits.

My break through moment is after my Orlando Trip this past March (2017), I looked at the pictures I took at the same location in 2014 and compared with the picture I took this year. “Not going back to that” became my inner voice and motto. The advice I can give is to start planning your meals and exercise. Put them down on paper and tell someone who can and will hold you accountable.
For my exercise, I use a calendar to keep track. I put check marks for the days I exercise, this simple visual tool helps me because seeing red check marks gives me a sense of accomplishment.
(Note: She exercises at least 5 days a week!  She has a well rounded regimen incorporating strength training, flexibility/yoga and cardio/running).

What are you most proud of thus far?

I am most proud of the journey itself, the self-improvement I achieved. Forming a healthy habit and lifestyle while influencing my family along the way.

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