Your Planned Indulgences Should Be Mind-Blowingly Good

In last week’s blog, I talked about how cookies, cakes and bread can make you stupid. That’s why we shouldn’t eat them regularly.

With that said, if you have read my blogs or social media posts, you know I’m a huge promoter of what I call “planned indulgences,” because, let’s face it: who wants to spend the rest of their life eating only healthy food?

Not me! I love my pizza, my mom’s onion dip and chocolate desserts every now and again, and I would probably go crazy without these treats.

There is a way to enjoy your favorite treat foods without affecting the scale: you just have to plan for it.

Treat Your Diet Like Your Checkbook

Think about it in terms of budgeting. If you only have $200 and you need to purchase a new outfit, you have to be smart about where you put your money. If you decide to blow $150 of the budget on a pair of cute boots that you just can’t live without, you have to scrimp a little on the rest of the outfit. Otherwise, you’ll go over budget.

Now, this isn’t about self-deprivation or never letting yourself be frivolous. Sometimes you just have to have an extravagant pair of Jimmy Choo shoes (which, by the way, I don’t own). Don’t feel like you have to restrain yourself so strictly that you’re living in a world of shoe envy all the time – that’s not fun, and it ultimately sets you up for failure.

You just have to know your plan. When it comes to my food budget, my favorite planned indulgences are things like gooey desserts, my mom’s homemade onion dip with potato chips, pepperoni pizza, Appleton Rum with Coke and fresh, hot wheat bread out of the oven at one of my favorite restaurants – real butter included! Does that make your mouth water?

Here’s The Catch

I love my planned indulgences, but they have to be indulgent. My indulgences must be mind-blowingly, food-orgasmically good… or I’m not going to eat it! Period. I refuse to waste calories and planned indulgences on average food. It’s not going to happen!

Don’t believe me? Let me share a story.  Every Christmas my sisters and mother make a variety of cookies that are beautifully displayed on trays for dessert.  I plan for these cookies as my planned indulgence and I love to try a variety as they are not the same kind every year.

I place a few on the my plate, I take one bite, and pause.  If it isn’t mind-blowingly good…I’m not about to waste my calories eating something that doesn’t make me say “WOW!”  I either leave it on my plate or give it to my hubby to try.  I always stick to my guns. And guess what? My strategy works.  After several days of holiday meals, I only gained 1 pound last year. That’s nothing more than normal body fluctuations if you ask me.

Moral of the story: if your planned indulgence doesn’t send you to the moon with pleasure, spit it out! Send it back! You have my permission to do whatever it takes to get that food out of sight. Save your calories for something that’s really worth it.

I shared mine, and now I’m curious: what are your favorite planned indulgences? Chocolate cake? Sprinkle donuts? Margaritas?

Tell me by sharing yours on my page HERE. You’ll have the opportunity to download my FREE Planned Indulgence Roadmap.   The next time you are faced with a not-so-healthy choice, STOP, and use the roadmap.  It may keep you from falling head first into a not-so-good decision. The key to your success is eating mindfully.

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