Wellness for Your Business Site

Wellness for Your Business Site

Would you like to improve the health and productivity of your workforce?  

Whether you have an existing fitness facility or want to build a company wellness program from the ground up, we’re here to help. Hit the Floor can provide a comprehensive corporate wellness program designed to engage employees while optimizing health and productivity.


How it Works

Each of our partnerships is unique. Hit the Floor will create a program tailored for your population and culture to meet your goals and budget. Our programs are designed to grow and sustain memberships.

We will help your employees with healthy lifestyle choices through education and workshops. We strive to empower change and foster a healthy work environment by creating close relationships and delivering innovative and engaging programming.

Our Services Include

  • Fitness Center Management
  • Fitness Center Equipment Maintenance
  • Wellness Programs
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Sport Challenges
  • Individual Services

Concierge wellness for Long Grove, Glencoe, Grayslake, and the Chicago suburbs.

Fitness Center Management

Promote the use of one your greatest amenities on site, your fitness center. A Fitness Center Management package with Hit the Floor allows you to focus less on the fitness center and more on your everyday tasks.

We bring one of our core values to the table, safety. Having a staff member on site can help participants use the equipment properly, report equipment malfunctions, and be a first responder in case of emergency.

We can provide fitness center tours to introduce new members to this wonderful amenity, monitor utilization through attendance modalities, teach members how to use the equipment properly and safely, and improve the sense of community through the fitness center.

Fitness Center Equipment Maintenance

Our staff will make sure your fitness center equipment is doing its job. We do quarterly checks and thorough cleanings. We can even schedule and observe preventative maintenance through a partner company. Not sure you have the right equipment for your demographic? We can offer suggestions based on our experience and feedback from your participants.

Wellness Programs

Build a sense of community and fun through our wellness programming. These group programs can run 4 weeks to 12 weeks long. From Couch to 5k training programs that finish running a local race to weight loss programs promoting a bit of competition, we customize programs based on your employees.

Group Fitness Classes

The energy our Hit the Floor professionals have will keep your team moving while our expertise and knowledge will give the most safe and effective workout. We offer a wide range of class styles to accommodate all interests.

Workhops & Seminars

Schedule a weekend special workshop or seminar such as a cooking demonstration with one of our private chefs or a seminar on stretches to relieve stress.

Sports Challenges

Do you have employees who love basketball or softball? Do you have a basketball court or softball diamond? We can arrange a tournament and officiate the games.

Individual Services

We offer individual services which expenses can be shared or taken care of by your employees. Increase optimization by offering private fitness training, wellness coaching, and massage therapy. We do all the registering and scheduling for you.

“Our company was holding a health and wellness week for the employees. We contacted Emily at Hit The Floor to partner with us. We challenged her to come up with a session that would be informative, adaptive to a wide variety of people and most importantly, fun! She was up to the challenge.

Hit the Floor conducted a class for us on Releasing Stress with Myofascial Release. Most had no idea what to expect from such a class, let alone even know what myofascial release was. But, when the class was over, we all were not only informed on how we can help release our muscles and improve circulation but had a great time in the process!

Hit the Floor conducted a class that was very interactive and gave us all practical tips to use on our own. Who knew that a lacrosse ball could be such a useful tool! Thanks!”

~ A company in Libertyville, IL

Hit the Floor is committed to providing high quality fitness and wellness concierge services straight to your home or office door step.

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