New Year Goal Setting

By January 17, 2019 Personal Health

2019 has begun!  Every new year gives us the opportunity to leave the baggage behind and have a fresh start.  Whether you are wanting to reduce stress, lose weight, get organized, or even learn a new skill – this is the time to figure out your plans, dreams and/or goals for 2019.

Everyone tends to start off strong for the first few months of the new year and then motivation trickles.  To have success you must put it in writing, tell someone, and make it fun!  Having a solid plan with a breakdown will help you along your journey.  We encourage you to try our breakdown below.  We want to be part of your journey. Let us know how you are doing by tagging us on Facebook @Hitthefloorconcierge.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Give your 2019 dreams and goals real thought.  Take the time to write down all the things you want to accomplish this year without multi-tasking.

Step 2. SMART plan

We may have good intentions but without a plan, a goal is simply a wish.  Decide how you will achieve your goals.  Use the SMART goal technique to determine your plan for each goal.

Step 3: Break it down

Break it down to preparation, daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks for each goal as necessary.  Here is an example:

Example Goal: I want to eliminate eating out for lunch to save money and avoid gaining additional weight.  I will bring homemade meals to work by meal prepping on Sundays after I go grocery shopping.

Preparation Tasks:

  1. Purchase a binder, small calendar, and Tupperware containers.
  2. Weigh myself on my scale and mark down the number on the front page of my binder.
  3. Go through last month’s receipts and calculate how much I spent on eating out at lunch.
  4. Decide on a reward for weight loss and financial savings.

Daily Tasks:

  1. Find a new recipe that utilizes simple ingredients, are health focused with balanced food groups, and take less than 30 minutes to make.  Print, and place in my recipe binder.
  2. Then, after eating my homemade lunch – make an X on my calendar.

Mid-week tasks:

  1. Go through my recipe binder on Wednesday and take out two recipes.
  2. Make a list of groceries needed.

Weekly tasks:

  1. Cook two recipes with at least two servings of each on Sunday.
  2. Portion the food and place in tupperware containers.

Monthly tasks:

  1. Organize a potluck with family or friends.  Each person must bring a healthy recipe to share and a sample for everyone to try.
  2. Weigh myself and write it down in my binder.
  3. Estimate expenses for my homemade lunches.

Quarterly tasks:

  1. Calculate weight loss and financial savings over the past quarter.
  2. Reward myself.


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