Are you Living a Life of Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda?

If you take a moment to reflect back on your life, what dreams did you have that never came to fruition? What goals did you have that you never accomplished for one reason or another?

Sometimes we get stopped because of fear; the ultimate vision just feels so big and impossible that we don’t feel ready. Or maybe the next step in the process feels hard and we let ourselves procrastinate… forever. Sometimes circumstances just force us to move in a different direction, like a child coming into the picture or a big unexpected change (good or bad).

Are You Letting Age Stop You?

Today, I’m here to bust the myth that age is a restriction. It’s not! Age is merely a number that you can’t control.  My mother always said I was an old soul.  I’ve had to break through quite a few hurdles at the beginning of my business because others thought I was too young to know anything.  They were wrong! But if I had let myself believe them, who knows where I would be now.

Then, we get older and have to break through more stereotypical perceptions.  I do believe we should embrace aging.  Though I must say, I was a bit sad to see my nieces made my avatar with wrinkles.  Age is actually an incredible asset because we have so much more knowledge, experience, beauty and confidence.

When you reframe your thinking and understand age to be an advantage, you might even start having thoughts like, “Wow, maybe it’s a good thing that I took some time before pursuing my goal to run a marathon. It never would have meant so much to me if I hadn’t experienced X!”

You are never too young or too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.

You Deserve a Dynamic Existence

I had this wonderful friend.  We worked together in the evenings as ballroom dance instructors.  She had an office job during the day but never complained or even seemed exhausted after an already long day.  She seemed to always dive full force into whatever made her happy and made the best of each moment.

One day I received a call that she was in a car accident and killed instantly upon impact.  That day changed my life. There’s something powerful about losing a friend at the young age of 25 that makes you realize that life is short and nothing is guaranteed.  From that moment, I chose to live fully.

I constantly seek new information and challenge myself because there’s no reason we should give ourselves a life-sentence of regret.

Did you know I was nominated as Professional of the Year in my full-time corporate fitness job, started my own business in my 20s, and even became the youngest National Master Trainer for the R.I.P.P.E.D. brand?  I’ve had my fair share of self-doubts, obstacles, and anxieties along the way.  It was such an incredible ride and I still use many of the lessons I learned.  What a shame if I had told myself I was too young before I even gave it a shot. Just thinking about it makes me sad.

It Doesn’t Mean You’re Unhappy

Setting new goals doesn’t mean that you’re unhappy in your present life, it just means that you’re growing. It doesn’t mean you’re dissatisfied in your life, or you’re broken, or you’re resentful of your spouse or anything like that.

We are all incredible human beings with unique gifts and skills that many of us don’t take the time to nurture. What is your hidden, special talent that you’re being too selfish or scared to bring to maturity and share with the world?

Don’t you think the world wants that gift you have to share? Because I think they do… unless you’re the most incredible farter. Although, on second thought, there are people who would probably be impressed by that.

I’ll leave you with this thought today:

Positivity beats negativity and people are happiest when they are pursuing their goals.


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