HTF Introduces Heart Rate Training

At the Hit the Floor we are always strive to provide the best service coupled with the best technology.  Beginning this month, we have introduced Polar H10 heart rate monitoring into all our aerobic training sessions.

Why heart rate training?

If you are just starting to work out or if you are a seasoned athlete, monitoring your heart rate has proven to be the most effective way to know how hard your body is working.  For the fitness beginner you may not have developed a good sense of how hard to push yourself during a workout.  Running a 5K in your climate-controlled home gym takes less effort than running outside on a hot, humid afternoon.  For the seasoned pro, monitoring your heart rate can prevent overtraining which can lead to an increased risk of injury.  Consistent working out will lead to efficiencies in your aerobic system.  Tracking your heart rate over time allows you to gradually increase the difficulty of your work outs safely and more effectively yielding better results.  Working smarter lets you get the most out of your workout.

How is HTF tracking heart rate?

You may be wondering why we haven’t introduced heart rate monitoring to your sessions before now.  The answer is we have.  All Hit the Floor primary professionals are trained exercise physiologists and are skilled in the talk test.  Your breathing rate increases as you exercise as well as your need for oxygen.  The faster you breathe, the harder it is to talk.  Our professionals monitor your breathing patterns, body language, and apply the talk test during your session.  The talk test is an acceptable method of gaging how hard you’re working.  Now we have upgraded to the most accurate, trackable method.  It is the preferred approach by today’s greatest athletes.  For best results, schedule a cardio test to be done during your session to know your maximum heart rate.

Introducing the H10

Before recommending any product, Hit the Floor does extensive research and field testing.  We chose the Polar H10 because it combines the latest technology with quality and comfort (

At no extra cost you can now use Hit the Floor’s H10 during your sessions.  We do all the cleaning and bring it straight to you.  If you prefer your own strap or the entire H10 system to track your personal works outs, you can purchase them through HTF at a discounted rate.  Ask you professional today for more details.

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