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​​​"I have never used a personal trainer before and I was skeptical at first, but I cannot express enough how amazing Emily has been!  I went from not being able to run a mile without stopping to four months later, breezing through a 5K with ease.  She is tough when she needs to be and she is great at helping achieve goals.  The workouts have been great, very personalized.  They are also very educational.  Not sure why I didn’t sign up earlier!"
-Michael M (Grayslake, IL)

"I’ve tried personal training at the one of the larger gyms and found the works outs to be flat.  I can’t say that about Hit the Floor!  Emily has been wonderful!  She provides a level of detail and caring that has been missing, along with some spunk and a big dose of energy.  Her program plans are always new.  I also think it’s a great value.  She charges more than the big gym, but I feel I am getting so much more.  Thank you Emily!"
- Kate B (Libertyville, IL)

"Prior to starting personal training, my workouts were devoted primarily to aerobic exercise focusing on running.  Running alone will not offer all of the benefits that I gained from personal training .  Working with Emily , I have been able to accomplish the following with regard to strength and balance.   Strength and balance were areas that I needed improvement in.   I have been training with Emily for over a year now.  My balance has improved tremendously .  Initially I could not stand on one leg for more than 3 seconds.  Currently, I can maintain balance on one leg for almost 30 seconds.  Balance is critical especially as you age.  Being an avid golfer, it was a personal goal of mine to hit my drive with greater distance.    Having a bad right shoulder,  for the most part my shoulder was frozen.   Emily started to work in developing shoulder strength and shoulder mobility.  I gained 30 yards on my drive and a significant improvement with my range of motion."

​-Patricia C. (Wadsworth, IL)

"Emily is extremely talented and knowledgeable in her field.  She thinks outside the box when designing routines to fit clients' needs and to align with their interests.  Emily is encouraging, caring and dedicated in helping clients achieve their goals.  Although the work is hard, Emily manages to make the experience fun and enjoyable."

-Edwina D. (Chicago, IL)

"I was amazed at the specificity of the program design. Emily looked at my current fitness level and what I wanted my body to be and was able to create a program I was able to perform and it provided me with the exact results I've been looking for.  And every time my goals changed or my fitness level grew, her next program design was exactly what I needed and wanted.  One year and four program designs later, I've been able to drop over 25lbs and keep it off to maintain my ideal weight.  I told her what I wanted, she helped me get there.  Simply fantastic!"

-Brett E. (Los Angeles, CA)

"I learned many things from Emily's personal training sessions.  We focused on weight training and stretching.  Both have greatly improved my biggest weakness which is my lower back.  I no longer have to be worried about hurting my back when I exercise.  Stretching has become a daily routine thanks to Emily.  The cycling interval training was an added bonus."

-Dennis R. (Lake Forest, IL)

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