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Residential Communities: Fitness, Coaching, Wellness Programming 

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Would you like to differentiate yourself as a premier place to live?  Residents today are looking for high quality amenities and a unique living experience.  Your ability to support healthy, community-oriented lifestyles can give you the competitive advantage in acquiring and retaining occupants.  Let Hit the Floor be your concierge to fitness. 

Hit the Floor offers residential fitness and wellness services at your onsite fitness centers at apartment, townhome, and condo communities.  Everyone is becoming increasingly busy and it can be challenging to find time for exercise at a gym.  We bring the convenience to your site by offering programs to your residents and creating the opportunity for healthier lifestyles in the comfort of their own homes.  

Our highly customizable packages encompass a wide range of services.  We offer personal training, group classes (yoga, Zumba, outdoor boot camp, aqua classes), workshops (cooking demos, educational seminars), equipment orientations, lifestyle coaching, and wellness programing (walking and weight challenges, 5K training) to name a few.  

Let Hit the Floor help you create a healthy community!