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"I was amazed at the specificity of the program design. Emily looked at my current fitness level and what I wanted my body to be and was able to create a program I was able to perform and it provided me with the exact results I've been looking for.  And every time my goals changed or my fitness level grew, her next program design was exactly what I needed and wanted.  One year and four program designs later, I've been able to drop over 25lbs and keep it off to maintain my ideal weight.  I told her what I wanted, she helped me get there.  Simply fantastic!"

-Brett E. 

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*By appointment.  


Program Design

Hit the Floor Fitness will create an exercise program design that you can do on your own at the gym or in your home.  

Program designs include amount of reps and sets based on your desired duration and goals, and detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises properly with pictures.

A free consultation is required to receive the information necessary to create your customized plan.  Unlike other services, your free consultation can be performed through email or phone anywhere throughout the world.  

*For an additional fee you can receive a Program Design Communication Plan.   The Program Design Communication Plan includes follow up through email or phone with questions or concerns and updates on your program for 90 days to keep you seeing results.


program design
Applicable for: Self-Motivators; Event Training, Weight Loss, or Overall Wellness