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Lifestyle & Weight Management Coaching

Applicable for: Those struggling with long-term weight issues or struggles with body transformations.

"I needed a coach, not only a trainer.  I needed someone who could do both. And, someone who could be positive without necessarily being an "over-the-top rah rah" cheerleader. Someone who could help me grow and be accountable as I work on improving my weight and my training, while learning to deal with the people/things that challenge me in that, as well as the other stresses in life.

I found that in Emily.  Her work is individualized, tailored to my needs.  She's a coach. She remains positive even when I'm certain I am a frustrating student. She can be a cheerleader when I need one. She is always professional in her approach.  She's sensitive to my current needs while not losing sight of the goals. She is insightful. She makes me accountable. She's firm without being judgmental.  She's well-thought-out, prepared, and good at providing me strategies to deal with potential challenges."

-Kevin B. (Excerpt from his Yelp review)

Medical science now understands the important role of a healthy balanced diet for optimal health.  No fad diet or magic pill will allow you to maintain a healthy diet.  You may see quick results but they soon fade when you return to your usual eating patterns.  With Lifestyle and Weight Management Coaching you will gain the skills needed to make lifestyle changes in order to get the body you deserve and keep it! Coaching sessions are discussions on topics of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.




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